An 1100-Year-Old Man Living in Iran? And The Atlantic Praises Trump’s Foreign Policy in their Own Way – MENB Ep. 36

MidEast News Brief Episode 36

Did you know there’s a roughly 1100-year-old man living in Iran? Yes folks, don’t take my word for it, take the great Ayatollah Al Khameini’s word for it himself! The man of great peace and tranquility just congratulated this dude? Why….this will be interesting. Plus, the Atlantic praises Trump in a very Atlanticy way. All of this and more.

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Articles Referenced on Today’s Broadcast:

Donald Trump Stumbles into a Foreign Policy Triumph – The Atlantic
Former Iranian Crown Prince: We are beginning to see end of the regime
Video: The Future of Iran – A Conversation with Reza Pahlavi
Video: Is the Iranian Regime on the Verge of Collapse? {Start at minute 8:30}
Progressives Admit They’re Just Not Used To Killing People Who Might Fight Back – Babylon Bee {Satire}
Project Veritas Twitter Feed – Sanders Field Organizer Praising Russian Gulags

Bonus Articles:

Hillary Clinton’s Big Benefactor has Trade Links with Iran – Newsweek
Watch out for Iranian Info Wars Funded by Crypto – Forbes

Updated: January 19, 2020 — 6:02 am