The Mullahs Collide Directly with the Trump Train, Deal of the Century Released

Ep. 19 – MidEast News Brief

The Ayatollah himself feels the sting of US sanctions against his personal property. We lay out the events leading up to this plus discuss where we are now. We end the show off with introducing the economic portion of the Deal of the Century.

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2 oil tankers damaged in suspected attack in the Gulf of Oman, crew evacuated
US Releases “Smoking Gun” Video Of Iran’s Navy Handling Mine On Tanker Hull
Trump blames Tehran for Gulf tanker attacks after Navy releases video showing Iranian boat removing unexploded mine
Predictable: After Iranian Regime Sets Off Mines on Oil Tankers, Ilhan Omar Blames Trump
Iranian Propaganda: US spy drone shot-down, clear message to White House: Commander
RQ-4 Global Hawk Drone Information
Strikes on Iran Approved by Trump, then Abruptly Pulled Back
Trump’s Twitter Response to US Counter-Attack
Trump Ratchets Up Sanctions on Iran’s Top Ayatollah, His Inner Circle
Executive Order 13876 of June 24, 2019 Imposing Sanctions With Respect to Iran
Gottheimer Calls for Passage of Bipartisan Bill to Stop Corrupt Iranian Oligarchs and Entities 

Deal of the Century

Peace to Prosperity: A New Vision for the Palestinian People and the Broader Middle East

Updated: January 15, 2020 — 12:05 am