For the Love of Lebanon – World News Brief Ep 15

Lebanon is rocked by an explosion in Beirut which leaves over 130 people dead and 5,000 injured, let’s get the latest on what happened and what could have caused the tragedy. The US wants to extend the Iran arms embargo at the UN Security Council but Russia and China promise a veto. And is China helping Saudi Arabia build nuclear weapons? All of this and much more on today’s edition of World News Brief by CGM Radio. 

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Articles & Shows Referenced on Today’s Broadcast:

“We are going to go to the moon, …” @elonmusk  (Video)
Beirut explosion linked to Russian ship storing ammonium nitrate left in port, called ‘floating bomb’ (FoxNews)
Beirut explosion leaves 300,000 homeless, Lebanese port officials under house arrest (FoxNews)
Beirut explosion: Missing port worker found alive in sea 30 hours after Lebanon blast (Al Arabiya)
Beirut explosion: Nearly 60,000 sign petition to place Lebanon under French control (Al Arabiya)
Beirut explosion: Macron mobbed on shattered streets of Lebanon (SkyNews)
FDD | Without dismantling Hezbollah’s arsenal, Lebanon will always be at risk (FDD)
Beirut Searches for Survivors and Answers Following Massive Explosion (WSJ)
How will Hezbollah react to this week’s massive blast in Beirut? (JPost)
Iran Is No. 1 Sponsor of Terrorism, US Says Ahead Of UN Arms-Embargo Talks (RF Europe)
Minnesota’s Largest Newspaper Endorses Ilhan Omar Primary Challenger, Cites Omar’s ‘Ethical Distractions’ (DailyWire)
Lou Dobbs “Reopening America: President @realDonaldTrump says ‘we’re not shutting down’ our country and economy again” (Video)
Destruction of Iranian Nuclear Facility Should Remind Democrats of Israel’s Unique Value as an Ally (RCD)
Is China helping Saudi Arabia to build a nuclear bomb? (Hill)

Bonus Article:

Colonialists for Marx

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

Updated: August 7, 2020 — 1:11 pm