Interview with Bob Siegel, New CGM Radio Host – His Story + Censorship & George Floyd – WNB Ep. 7


World News Brief Episode 7

WNB is THRILLED to welcome San Diego Salem Radio Network host Bob Siegel to the show to discuss his brand new show right here on the CGM Radio Network. We discuss his story of conversion from atheist to Christian, his ministry and calling as a pastor and Christian apologist, and his radio experience from the past fifteen years.

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Articles and Links Mentioned on the Show

Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship | The White House (White House)
Trump signs social media executive order (Video: White H ouse)
47 U.S. Code § 230 – Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material (Cornell Law)
Brazil: Democracy at Risk Due to Actions of Supreme Court Against Freedom oF Speech (Critica Nactional)
US declares that Hong Kong is no longer enjoying autonomy from China (HKFP)
George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis: Live Updates (NYT)
George Floyd’s Death: Latest From Minneapolis (WSJ)
Twitter Flags Trump Tweet About Minneapolis Protests for ‘Glorifying Violence’ (WSJ)

This Week in World History:

Today in History: Sword of Islam Conquers Ancient Christian Capital (AT)


Updated: May 29, 2020 — 2:22 pm