Welcome to the Roaring 20’s – MidEast News Brief is BACK and we’re Talking Iran – Ep. 35

MidEast News Brief Episode 35

Welcome to the roaring 20’s! Iran finds out the United States of America has a president, and MidEast News Brief is back! Let’s talk about what happened since that December 27 attack that left an American contractor dead and several of our military wounded, the killing of Terrorist in Chief Soleimeni, how Trump’s fighting back, persecuted Christians in Iran, and we end off with an Israeli election update.

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Articles Referenced on Today’s Broadcast:

U.S. defense contractor killed and several troops wounded in Iraq rocket attack
Pentagon says it carried out strikes in Iraq and Syria against militia responsible for defense contractor’s death

Verified videos show plane in Iran struck before fiery crash
Iran Bulldozed Plane Crash Site Before Outside Investigators Arrived

Can Iran afford war? These 6 charts shed some light
Dow Crosses 29,000 for the first time
Trump’s Iran Policy isn’t the Problem – Obama’s was
President Trump just addressed the nation on Iran. Here’s the 7 most important things he said.

Iranian Prisoner Alert: Mahrokh Roksare Kanbari
Iranian Prisoner Alert: Naser Navard Gol-Tapeh

Netanyahu quashes Likud leadership challenge from Sa’ar with over 72%

Bonus Articles:

It’s Time for a “Persecuted Christians First” Foreign Policy
Rasmussen: 39% Agree Iraq War Was ‘Worst Decision’ in U.S. History
Iran Has Terrorists Embedded Inside The United States And Across Our Border


Updated: January 17, 2020 — 8:22 pm