Israel v. Hezbollah, Should we Pull out of Afghanistan? & more

MidEast News Brief Episode 25

Israel strikes Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Is it time to pull out of Afghanistan? And we’ve got some really random recognitions of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. All of this and more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief, coming at you on Thursday!

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Articles Referenced on Today’s Show:


Beirut Strike Target: Vital Iranian Device for Hezbollah’s Mass Missile Production
How Will Hezbollah Respond to Israel’s Drone Attack?
Lebanon shoots at Israeli drones in dramatic escalation of tensions
Israel, US bid to bolster UN peacekeepers in Lebanon, say Hezbollah neuters them
UN peacekeeping patrol filmed coming under attack by Hezbollah in Lebanon


U.S. Defense Chief Calls Discussing Withdrawal From Afghanistan ‘Premature’
We can’t outsource our security to anyone — especially the Taliban
James Carafano: US must not abandon Afghanistan – We don’t want our enemies to strike America again


Honduras will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Israel: Republic of Nauru recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
State Department removes ‘Palestinian Territories’ from website
Netanyahu says he expects U.S. peace plan ‘very soon’ after Israel’s Sept. 17 election
Israeli judoka makes history with gold medal at World Championships


Israel asks UK to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terror organization
Iraq moves to pull plug on its Iran Power Cord
U.S. military carried out secret cyberstrike on Iran to prevent it from interfering with shipping
U.S. Sanctions Iranians for Allegedly Buying Materials for Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs
Treasury Targets Procurement Networks Supporting Iran’s Missile Proliferation Programs

Updated: January 15, 2020 — 12:04 am