Israeli Election Insanity. Iranian Insanity. NSA Sanity? And the Kingdom of Edom – MENB Ep. 27

MidEast News Brief Episode 27

Will Israel have a historic THIRD round of elections in one year? And Trump issues brand spanking new sanctions on Iran, this time on the Iranian national bank. Trump gets NSA Advisor #4, and did we just find the Biblical city of Edom?? All of this on this and even more on this week’s edition of MidEast News Brief.

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Articles Referenced on Today’s Show and More:

Nigerian Government Reports Kidnapped Christian Teen Leah Sharibu is Alive, but Still in Grave Danger
Aremenia to open Embassy in Jerusalem 
Iran warns of ‘all-out war’ if US retaliates in wake of Saudi oil facility bombings 
US Imposes Sanctions on Iranian National Bank 
Stand up to Iran’s oil market terrorism 
Senators Express Caution About Military Strike Against Iran
How Trump can punish Iran, without starting a war
Trump names Robert O’Brien, hostage negotiator, as national security adviser
Trump, new National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien speak to reporters <– Video
CEC announces ‘almost final’ results, Gantz leads by two seats 
Israeli researchers identify biblical kingdom of Edom 
Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/18/19 – Evidence of Omar Fraud – Go to Minute 10

Quote of the Week

C.S. Lewis on the Moral Law:

Supposing you hear a cry for help from a man in danger – you will probably feel two desires – one a desire to give help (due to your herd instinct) the other a desire to keep out of danger (due to the instinct for self-preservation). But you will find inside you, in addition to these two impulses, a third thing which tells you that  you ought to follow the impulse to help. Now this thing which judges between the two instincts, which decides which should be encouraged, cannot itself be either of them. You might as well say that the sheet of music which tells you, at a given moment, to play one note on a piano and not another, is itself one of the notes on the keyboard. The moral law tells us the tune we have to play: our instincts are merely the keys. 

-Mere Christianity

Updated: January 15, 2020 — 12:02 am