Heaven Just Got a Little Brighter – World News Brief Ep. 6

World News Brief Episode 6

Are you exhausted by Coronavirus news? Us too! So join us this week as we take a break and discuss Trump’s new DNI from the great state of Texas, the awesome news of how the USA is publicly supporting Taiwan to China’s chagrin, the response to Ayatolla Khameini’s high-five to Hitler’s final solution, and a personal hero of mine flies beyond the pearly gates to a warm, welcome reception. All of this and more on this week’s edition of World News Brief by CGM Radio.

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Articles and Links Mentioned on the Show

The Redeemed Life of Ravi Zacharias: How a Skeptic Became a Leading Voice for Christianity (CBN)
Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning? (YouTube)
Senate Confirms Rep. John Ratcliffe to be New National Intelligence Director (Texan)
Trump picks John Raticliffe as the new intelligence director (CBS)
Tide Turns Against Beijing-Backed Confucius Institutes on American Campuses (Epoch)
U.S. to sell Taiwan $180 million of torpedoes, angering China (Reuters)
China threatens ‘counter-measures’ after Pompeo congratulates Taiwan president on second term (Hill)
Iran’s supreme leader releases anti-Israel ‘final solution’ poster (FDD)
Abbas: PA no longer bound by agreements with Israel, US (IslHay)
Does the term ‘annexation’ even apply? (JCPA – Video/Article)

Bonus articles:

Children of Rwandan genocide fugitive Kabuga led police to Paris-area hideout (Reuters)
US To Israel: No More Chinese Deals (BD)



Updated: May 26, 2020 — 1:35 pm