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The Faith – Reason – Culture Podcast is a show that explores the relationship between science and religion, evidences for the Christian faith, and how Christians should respond to common questions and objections emerging daily from the culture at large. Hosts Dr. Melissa Cain Travis, Assistant Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, and Daryl Youngblood, founder and president of Rational Defense of Faith Ministries, invite you to join them as they discuss a wide range of topics from a Christian worldview.

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About Dr. Melissa Cain Travis

Melissa serves as Assistant Professor of Christian Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, where she has been on the faculty since 2013. She is the author of Science and the Mind of the Maker: What the Conversation Between Faith and Science Reveals About God (2018), a contributing author for The Story of the Cosmos: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God (2019), and the author of the Young Defenders 4-book series: How Do We Know God is Really There? (Apologia Press, 2013), How Do We Know God Created Life? (2014), How Do We Know Jesus is Alive? (2015), and How Do We Know Right from Wrong? (2016). She is a contributing writer for Christian Research Journal and the Worldview Bulletin.

Melissa earned a Ph.D. in Humanities with a Philosophy concentration from Faulkner University, where her dissertation research focused on the natural philosophy and natural theology of Johannes Kepler. She earned the Master of Arts in Science and Religion from Biola University in 2012, graduating with Highest Honors. She is certified in Christian apologetics by Biola and holds a Bachelor of Science in general biology from Campbell University.

About Daryl Youngblood

Daryl Youngblood has written, produced, recorded, and mixed Grammy-nominated music as well as 5 National Number 1 Hits, 9 top 10 singles. He was awarded “Best Producer” in Houston in the 2013 Houston Press Music Awards. He has worked with major labels like Capital Records. He has had placement and in major motion pictures from Lions Gate Films and TV Networks like The Discovery Channel & ESPN. He is the founder and leader of RDOF (Rational Defense Of Faith) through which he presents multimedia, powerhouse presentations geared towards students and Christians who are being told that modern science and philosophy has disproven the existence of God. These presentations deal with questions from a rational, scientific, and philosophical perspective with powerful music and awe-inspiring videos. RDOF has had over 100,000 YouTube and Vimeo views and the events are played at churches and schools all over the world.