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About World News Brief

World News Brief by CGM Radio is a weekly round-up of the most important and impactful developments around the globe from the past week. Each Friday Winston R. Holland shares the latest breaking world events in an engaging and entertaining way with a consideration of the best solutions to the issues on the world stage. Expect a generous amount of good news along the way too!

WNB is also the information hub of the CGM Radio network. Our aim is that this show acts as a space for updates on all things CGM, where we share the latest network news including programming, specials, interviewing other CGM hosts, and more. Make sure to subscribe to WNB to keep up with all things CGM!

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” -Matt. 6:10

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About the Host

Winston R. Holland is a Jesus follower, husband, father, small-business owner, and world news connoisseur. He heard God’s call specifically to the professional world of Middle East geopolitics over seven years ago, and began the MidEast News Brief Podcast as a way to bring together his love for broadcasting and his calling. MidEast News Brief has since morphed into World News Brief out of his desire to bring a broader scope the show, yet his passion for Middle East affairs remains the same and an integral part of the broadcast.

He is the Founder and CEO of CGM Radio and is having a blast hosting two shows (he also co-hosts Big Tex Small Biz) as well as working with the other incredible CGM show hosts to deliver engaging, fun, high-quality, and Biblically-based Christian programming. Besides following world events and running a media company, he loves spending time with his amazing wife Rachel, playing and hanging out with his kids, reading, working out, maxims, Christian apologetics, the outdoors, new words, essential oils and natural health, and engaging in some sort of visual, audible, or readable form of Tolkien’s world.