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What is God Doing in Ukraine, Iraq, and Turkey? Interview with Pastor Christian Moore – World News Brief Ep. 48

Today World News Brief welcomes Pastor Christian Moore of EverGrace Church in Magnolia, TX, to discuss his recent trip to the Ukraine, Iraq, and Turkey. We talk news and geopolitics alongside discussions of the amazing things God is doing in these nations. Don’t miss this fascinating interview! Follow Pastor Christian Moore Online: EverGrace Church Online […]

Is The Resurrection of Christ Really A Fact Of History? -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 164

In this special Good Friday/Easter program (sent not only to Bob’s subscribers but also shared with the subscribers of CGM’s World News Brief) Bob puts forth a historical case for the resurrection of Jesus, showing how alternative explanations of His missing body fall short. Bob also provides evidence for the credibility and accuracy of the […]

Do Masks Work? What about that “Vaccine?” Interview with Col. Rob Harmon, CRNA (Ret.) – World News Brief Ep. 46

Today we interview Col. Rob Harmon (Ret.), Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology at Sam Houston State University, and former Army Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA). We start off by discussing the beginning of his career in the late 1980’s guarding Pershing nuclear missiles and his service during the Iraq war (and whether we […]

Cross Talk Ep 10 – Engaging the Culture with Faith and Reason

On today’s show the guys welcome Daryl Youngblood, co-host of the newly relaunched show right here on the CGM Radio Network, the Faith – Reason – Culture Podcast. Daryl is founder and president of Rational Defense of Faith Ministries and discusses how he went from rock star to apologist and what the new show is […]

The Fight for Freedom and Terrible Foreign Policy – World News Brief Ep. 43

On today’s show we discuss the disgraceful arrest of Pastor John Coates in Canada, Israel election news, the Biden administration’s love affair with that terrible Iranian deal that won’t go away, the future of Trump, info on masks you will not hear on the MSM, Belarus protests, the UN and white supremacy, and an incredible […]

Grieving for America – Trusting in God – Bob Siegel Show/World News Brief Joint Episode

Today the Bob Siegel Show and World News Brief join forces to discuss the impeachment sham, big tech tyranny, freedom of the press, the future of America, the role of our faith in Christ in these trying times, and what we can do practically to preserve freedom in our communities. Visit The Bob Show homepage […]

On The Verge of Saving Our Republic -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 116

Ryan Holland of World News Brief joins Bob to discuss his latest article on CGM.News called “The Rubicon Option.” In addition to options for President Trump, other Constitutional provisions for dealing with and correcting election fraud are talked about including options for Congress and options for the Vice-President. ALSO: A local San Diego restaurant owner […]