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Understanding The War Against Donald Trump -World News Brief Ep 105

This week’s WNB host Bob Siegel talks about the forthcoming criminal trials of Donald Trump and shows, by tracing history since 2016, how this is only the latest in an attempt by his political opponents to take the man out.   Click on your podcasting platform below to subscribe to World News Brief: Apple  | Google | Spotify | TuneIn | Amazon | iHeartRadio | Blubrry | Deezer | Android | RSS […]

Redefining Racism and Redefining Killing -World News Brief Ep 104

This week’s WNB host Bob Siegel talks about a South African leader’s call to exterminate white people and how some from the left are giving him a free pass.   Click on your podcasting platform below to subscribe to World News Brief: Apple  | Google | Spotify | TuneIn | Amazon | iHeartRadio | Blubrry | Deezer | Android | RSS Feed    

Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Justice -World News Brief Ep 100

This week’s host Bob Siegel talks about a dangerous evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence and then goes on to discuss other concerns for our increasingly fragile Republic. The picture above is taken from Trump’s home in Florida illustrating just one example of separate justice. Head over to the World News Brief Podcast Page to […]

True Russian Ukrainian Military Balance: It’s Not Good For Ukraine: World News Brief Ep 99

In this Episode Mike Fredenburg gives and overview of the real military situation in the Russian Ukraine War and the overwhelming forces Russia will be bring to bear to destroy any Ukrainian counteroffensive.  A realistic path of peace is suggested.  As per the podcast here are some stories and article that provide background and context […]

Origins of the Ukraine – Russia War – The Real Story: World News Brief Ep 98

Mike Fredenburg is this week’s host. The Ukraine – Russian War is a proxy war between the United States/NATO and Russia, with Ukraine paying the price. And Ukraine has zero chance of winning. For info on the background and origins of the war see this  George Washington overview . For info on Neo-Nazis occupying influential […]

Nashville School Shooting and the Narrative that Doesn’t Fit -World News Brief Ep 96

In this week’s episode of World News Brief, host Bob Siegel talks about the murder of three students and three staff at a private Christian elementary school, how quick the left tries to politicize the event, and how they seem to be in a quandary over descriptions of the shooter. Head over to the World News […]

Trains, Brains, and Postal Gains -World News Brief Ep 95

  In this week’s episode, host Bob Siegel talks about the Biden administration’s excuses for their late response to an Ohio train wreck and their blame-casting toward Former President Donald Trump. Other News! -A report confirming the ineffectiveness of COVID mask mandates! -A lawsuit headed for the Supreme Court regarding the rights of postal workers […]

Post Election Analysis of the 2022 Midterms, Part IV – World News Brief Episode 94

  In this week’s episode, host Mike Fredenburg will be examining what really happened on November 8 and the implications for 2024.  In particular, what happened in the Arizona gubernatorial race will be looked at, including  a detailed look at the basis for the 10 complaints that Kari Lake filed in her lawsuit against Maricopa […]

Doomsday Clock – Joint World News Brief/Since You Asked Episode! (Ep. 92/122)

This week Jim Berrier shares his thoughts on the “Doomsday Clock” with both the World News Brief and Since You Asked Podcast audiences. What is the Doomsday Clock? What are the signs of the end of time? Are we there yet? Be sure to tune in to this intriguing episode! Head over to the World News […]

The P.C. Manifesto: 2023 Version -World News Brief Ep 91

This week’s WNB host, Bob Siegel, shares a satirical look at the different positions of the WOKE/ Politically Correct agenda, showing how each and every one of their tenets completely contradicts another of their stated beliefs. Head over to the World News Brief Podcast Page to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app. Email World News Brief