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The World Closes – Covid-19 and Its Implications – with Special Co-Host Justin Parks – MENB Ep. 42

MidEast News Brief Episode 42 The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the world, but in more ways than one. We’re talking the virus and it’s implications on the world, the Middle East, America, and American liberty this week. With me is CGM co-host of Big Tex Small Biz Justin Parks to discuss all of the […]

Israeli Election Results and the Spy Who Loved the Wrong Guy – MENB Ep. 41

MidEast News Brief Episode 41 This week we discuss the results of the Israeli election and the American individual leaking information about US spies to an international terrorist organization. Subscribe to the MidEast News Brief Podcast: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Google Podcasts Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on TuneIn Subscribe on Pandora Subscribe on Stitcher […]

Real Israeli Elections, Fake Iranian Elections, Trump’s New DNI, and the UN Anti-Jew Blacklist – MENB Ep. 40

MidEast News Brief Episode 40 Israelis head to the polls on March 2nd for an historic third round of elections. What is the latest and what is Netanyahu facing on the legal front? Also, Iran held “elections” yesterday, and what a shocker, the Ayatollahs might be even more powerful than before. Trump finally gets an […]

Part 2 Interview with Israeli Tour Guide & Minister Netanel Nickalls – Deal of the Century, The Ark, The Cross, & More – MENB Ep. 39

MidEast News Brief Episode 39 Today – Part 2 of my interview with Netanel Nickalls, an official Israeli tour guide and Messianic Jew that lives in Jerusalem, to discuss the deal of the century, what the scripture says about the Jews in the land, more End-times prophecy, the ark of the covenant, the Christian’s response […]

Part 1 Interview with Israeli Tour Guide & Minister Netanel Nickalls – His Story, Bible Prophecy, & More – MENB Ep. 38

MidEast News Brief Episode 38 Part 1 of my interview from Israel with Netanel Nickalls, official Israeli tour guide and Messianic Jew to discuss his story of how he came to know Christ, his powerful ministry to the Jewish people in Jerusalem, end times prophecy, and more. I’m in Houston, he’s in Jerusalem on this […]

An 1100-Year-Old Man Living in Iran? And The Atlantic Praises Trump’s Foreign Policy in their Own Way – MENB Ep. 36

MidEast News Brief Episode 36 Did you know there’s a roughly 1100-year-old man living in Iran? Yes folks, don’t take my word for it, take the great Ayatollah Al Khameini’s word for it himself! The man of great peace and tranquility just congratulated this dude? Why….this will be interesting. Plus, the Atlantic praises Trump in […]

Welcome to the Roaring 20’s – MidEast News Brief is BACK and we’re Talking Iran – Ep. 35

MidEast News Brief Episode 35 Welcome to the roaring 20’s! Iran finds out the United States of America has a president, and MidEast News Brief is back! Let’s talk about what happened since that December 27 attack that left an American contractor dead and several of our military wounded, the killing of Terrorist in Chief […]

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Dead “Like a Dog,” the Media & The Cutest Lethal Dog Ever, Lebanon, Israel – MENB Ep. 34

MidEast News Brief Episode 34 ISIS Terrorist in Chief Abu Barker Al Baghdadi is dead “like a dog!” And we now have proof that the media is absolutely deranged and in need of serious counseling after seeing an obviously photoshopped picture of Trump putting the medal of honor on the dog that aided in the […]