Big Tex Small Biz Interview with Duotone Productions and RDOF Founder Daryl Youngblood! -Ep. 4

Big Tex Small Biz Podcast Episode 4

Today hosts Justin Parks and Ryan Holland interview Daryl Youngblood, Founder and CEO of Duotone Productions, a music production company, as well as the founder of RDOF (Rational Defense of Faith) Ministries where we talk becoming a snall business success in the world of music production, #1 national radio hits, Daryl’s stint in the Los Angeles music scene, Grammy nominations, fake Oscars, and God’s call into an apologetics ministry focused on answering some of the toughest questions facing the Christian faith. Plus, a big announcement about how Daryl will be working with CGM Radio!

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Duotone Productions
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Daryl’s #1 Hit Songs:

Imagine This Album
Love, Shelter, and Revolution

Lloyd Album

Don’t Wanna Know
Forever Song

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Updated: January 14, 2020 — 11:21 pm