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America: Hope Within Turmoil – The Bob Siegel Show Ep 11

Bob welcomes back National Review contributor Mike Fredenburg. Mike offers some good news against the backdrop of so many turbulent changes in America. Topics include: -Recent Supreme Court rulings which favored President Trump -Latest statistics on COVID19 and why the country should be able to open up to a complete normal, not the “new normal.” […]

Responding to Cancel Culture Movement – The Bob Siegel Show Ep 9

The Bob Siegel Show Episode 9 After Bob’s opening monologue, he is joined by Pastor Jim Berrier. Both the monologue and ensuing discussion comment on the censorship of films such as Gone With the Wind, the removal of historical statues and monuments (including statues of President Lincoln, General Grant, etc.) the so-called “re-opening” of movie theaters, […]