True Russian Ukrainian Military Balance: It’s Not Good For Ukraine: World News Brief Ep 99

In this Episode Mike Fredenburg gives and overview of the real military situation in the Russian Ukraine War and the overwhelming forces Russia will be bring to bear to destroy any Ukrainian counteroffensive.  A realistic path of peace is suggested.  As per the podcast here are some stories and article that provide background and context to what is the real military situation;    4 hour life expectancy of Ukrainian soldiers on frontlines:
Bucha Massacre of Russian Ukrainian by Neo-Nazis:

Civilian being killed by Ukrainian force:

NATO’s Betrayal of Russia and Why it Matter:

Gathering Storm of US Proxy War with Russia and damage it is doing to the United States:

If US had paid any heed to Russian concerns war could have been avoided:

Liberal Illusions Caused the Ukraine Crisis:

CIA versus Russia:



Updated: May 16, 2023 — 3:19 pm