America: Republic or Dictatorship? -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 272


Bob assesses the state of our country and its rapidly deteriorating freedoms. However, he also challenges friends and families not to divide over religious or political beliefs. True, we cannot allow the price for acceptance to be the compromise of our beliefs, but there is no reason for friends and families to disown each other either. We can agree to disagree agreeably!

NOTE: Today’s podcast is edited from Bob’s broadcast show, Sunday night September 19, 2021. Bob’s weekly broadcasts are not limited to talk and also do a lot with music. Inasmuch as podcasts and broadcasts have varying license agreements regarding permission to use popular music, such music has been edited out for today’s podcast.  Bob’s encouragement in this episode, during the last few minutes of the program, to reflect upon the memories of your life, was immediately followed by  Paul Anka’s classic hit, “The Times of Your Life.”  If you are not already familiar with that wonderful, brilliantly written song, you will get more out of today’s monologue by finding and playing it immediately after. “The Times of Your Life” can be easily located on YouTube, ITunes and many other places.

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Updated: September 22, 2021 — 2:19 pm