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Good News About COVID19 Recovery Rates! – The Bob Siegel Show Ep 24

Bob welcomes a recurring guest, National Review contributor Mike Fredenburg, who shares some very interesting statistics about COVID19. Mike also talks about what President Trump must do to get re-elected and the demographics he needs to pay the most attention to. Other Topics: Christianity: -In Bob’s opening monologue, he begins by answering the question, “Does […]

The Four Endings of Hollywood – The Bob Siegel Show Ep 19

Bob critiques Hollywood’s current lack of creativity: -Action Movie Ending -Cop/Spy Thriller Ending -Disaster Movie Ending -Romantic Comedy Ending Click on your podcasting platform below to subscribe to The Bob Siegel Show: Apple  |  Google  | Spotify |  TuneIn  | Blubrry | Deezer | Android  | RSS Feed Subscribe by Email: Click to subscribe by email […]