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Bill Wells: A Mayor Who Truly Serves his People -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 126

Bob interviews Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon, California to talk about COVID19 lockdowns and the political atmosphere, not only in California, but the entire country. NOTE: This interview was originally part of Bob’s live broadcast show on January 24th. Click on your podcasting platform below to subscribe to The Bob Siegel Show: Apple  |  […]

Where Have All the Heroes Gone? -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 124

Part inspiration, part movie review, Bob compares two older but popular films, both based upon the hero, Wyatt Earp. The films are Wyatt Earp, starting Kevin Costner, and Tombstone, Staring Kurt Russell. In a time when courage is going to be needed and lawlessness is increasing, these recurring reviews will alternate with other podcasts from […]

Grieving for America – Trusting in God – Bob Siegel Show/World News Brief Joint Episode

Today the Bob Siegel Show and World News Brief join forces to discuss the impeachment sham, big tech tyranny, freedom of the press, the future of America, the role of our faith in Christ in these trying times, and what we can do practically to preserve freedom in our communities. Visit The Bob Show homepage […]

Processing the Washington Rally -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 119

National Review contributor Mike Fredenburg substitute hosts for Bob. Mike is joined by Steve Baldwin, a conservative grass roots strategist who was also a California assemblyman for six years! Together they discuss the Washington rally last week, honing in on the fact that President Trump clearly called for a peaceful march and was against any […]

U.S. Republic: The Day The Music Died -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 118

In a snapshot of time, Bob comments on the results of the Georgia senate race and parallel developments in Washington D.C. where tens of thousands of Trump supporters have gathered while Congress “counts the electoral college votes.” Bob recoded this podcast shortly after President Trump spoke, fully aware that the podcast would immediately date itself […]