Answering Skeptics About the Birth of Christ -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 778

Ryan Holland, founder of CGM Radio Network, joins Bob for a discussion of Bible apologetics focusing in on historical events surrounding the birth of Jesus and answering common objections of skeptics.

Topics include:

-King Herod’s slaughter of innocent children: Why is ancient history silent about such a horrible massacre?

-Who were the Magi? Did such a group of people really exist historically? And how do we explain them “following a star?”

-Difficulty in accepting the Virgin Birth, not only the obvious miracle but the contradictory genealogies of Jesus found in the accounts of Matthew and Luke.

(Repeat program: First podcast 12-16-20)


-In this discussion, Bob gives quick reference to a Bible prophecy about a star. That passage is found in Numbers 24:17, a passage ancient rabbis associated with the coming of the Messiah.

-For far more specific detail about the genealogies of Jesus, and other responses to those who challenge the historical accuracy of the Nativity narratives, be sure to check out Bob’s other recent podcast:

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Updated: December 15, 2023 — 8:40 am