Can The Supernatural Be Explained Away Every Time? -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 168

In a dialogue with a skeptic, Bob shares an experience he had back in high school with the supernatural, showing how it could not be explained away.


“The story you will hear today involved a ouija board and a seance. Let me be very clear: I am NOT endorsing such experiences. I was not yet a born again Christian at the time. I now know that such experiences (and similar practices such as crystal balls, palm reading, tarot cards, etc.) are completely FORBIDDEN by Scripture. They are, in fact, deceptions of Satan in an attempt to take control over a person’s life. All supernatural apart from Jesus comes from the enemy of Jesus.

My point in this discussion: Regardless of the evil source, regardless of the fact that I was participating in something I should not have, the experiences themselves were GENUINELY SUPERNATURAL. That phenomenon itself is what I emphasized for the sake of a discussion with someone doubting that any supernatural exists at all.

A similar observation can be made with a phone call from a woman named Peggy at the end of this same show. She shares about a time when she witnessed levitation, again, before she got saved. Peggy was no more endorsing her experience than I was endorsing mine. She was instead adding to our conversation that the supernatural does in-fact exist.

For me personally, the good news is that despite this danger, God was merciful. Ironically, witnessing the supernatural caused me to believe in God even though I now believe the “spirit” claiming to be my dead sister was actually a demon impersonating her. Several years after coming to believe in God, I did find salvation through Jesus Christ.

This disclaimer can be heard on the show prior to me sharing my story but I felt it should be emphasized again.”


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Updated: April 8, 2021 — 11:05 am