Incarceration. Jesus. Mobile Coffee Business – Part 1 BTSB Interview with Geoff and Marsha Wood of Hebrews Coffee! -Ep. 6

Big Tex Small Biz Podcast Episode 6

How does Jesus, coffee, and business sound? Oh, and a story of eight years of incarceration too? This ain’t your average small business success interview, but it’s one you will not want to miss! This week we welcome Geoff and Marsha Wood, owners of Hebrews Community Coffee, to discuss Geoff’s fascinating story from eight years of incarceration to small business ownership with an incredible, Christ-focused business/ministry! (Bizistry?) It’s coffee on wheels folks, so grab a cup and join us for part 1 of our fascinating interview with Geoff and Marsha Wood.

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Updated: February 13, 2020 — 1:25 pm