Make Yourself Known – TPoL003

Make Yourself Known – The Price of Life (Episode 003)

Today Thani takes a look at one of the most controversial passages in the Bible: Matthew 7:21–23. Who is saying “Lord, Lord!” and what does “entering the Kingdom” really mean?

The original poem, lyrics to this episode’s song, and more can be found in today’s show notes document!

Download the latest version of this episode’s song, “50”, for free right here!

Timecodes for today’s episode

0:00 Original poem, “Appraisal”
1:24 Opening prayer
2:13 Problems with the common interpretations
7:50 Study of Matthew 7:21–23
22:56 Thani’s suggested interpretation
23:25 Original song, “50”
28:27 Closing Prayer
30:06 Conclusion

See the first episode of Faith Reason Culture where Dr. Melissa Travis and Daryl Youngblood introduce themselves here!

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Updated: February 10, 2020 — 9:19 am