The Bob Siegel Show Episode 1! Intro to the Show, Latest News & Satire, and More

The Bob Siegel Show Episode 1!

Welcome to episode 1 of Bob Siegel’s brand new podcast right here on CGM Radio!

PART ONE is a combination of light-hearted satire and genuine news commentary, but both presented with the same objective; sobering spotlights on government overreach and compliance without question. While Bob does agree that COVID19 needs to be taken seriously, he points out that the shutdown of everyday life is causing far more risk, not only financially, but medically and constitutionally.

One special highlight includes a retelling of the brilliant Hans Christian Anderson classic, Emperor’s New Clothes.

Other Topics:


-Does the Bible comment on anything that would cause us to re-evaluate “social distancing?”


-Headlines From the Future: The Holy Spirit is accused of failing to “socially distance.”

-How to persuade California Governor Newsom to re-open the state


-Illinois health department head admits that anyone who died WITH coronavirus was reported as having died FROM coronavirus even when the cause of death was clearly something else.

-Joe Biden says he is not concerned about the energy level of President Trump

-Absolute proof that the outgoing Obama administration attempted to sabotage the incoming Trump administration

-Why should Dr. Anthony Fauci’s opinion set national policy?

-Ironic executive orders from L.A. Mayor Garcetti

PART TWO is an interview with Northern California Pastor Church Austin. Chuck talks about how his church and parishioners have been navigating in the midst of the pandemic/lockdown and how they are preparing to carefully re-open in the near future. Chuck also shares a great example of  God financially providing for his church despite the current economy!

Updated: May 26, 2020 — 10:17 am