The Many Myths About Ministry -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 713


Bob’s guest is Jim Berrier. Jim, having recently read Bob’s latest non-fiction book, The Many Myths About Ministry, makes this the topic of the program.  Starting with a few points from the book, Jim then expounds based on his own insight, Bible study, and church experiences.


In Bob Siegel’s many years of interaction with skeptics, doubters and even seekers, he has found that the high majority of their problems with Christianity stem from previous church experience. What’s more, many of their concerns are valid and served as inspiration for this book. While defending the truth of the Bible and the importance of the Gospel message, Bob nevertheless takes an honest look at the way Christians interact with each other. From the larger issues of putting our leaders too high on a pedestal, to the unfair judging of the way another person worships, to the unsolicited advice which claims to have been “led by the Spirit of God,” this treatise will strike a cord of familiarity with anyone involved in church life. It is a call to lay aside the unimportant issues that distract us and return to the heart of Christian community.


The Many Myths About Ministry

by Bob Siegel  | Dec 22, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars 1



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