Those Troublesome Ways Christians Often Communicate -The Bob Siegel Show Ep 202

Co-host Greg Jarvis joins Bob for a discussion on the ways Christians interact with themselves and unbelievers.


-Have Christians really thought through what they believe, reading the Bible for themselves, or are they often doing little more than parroting back what they heard from their pastors?

-Are we sometimes too quick to judge another inasmuch as all of us are sinners?

-On the other hand, are we sometimes too quick to excuse another person’s behavior in the name of compassion?

-Can one disagree with somebody else’s beliefs or lifestyle yet still be loving and respectful?

-When Christians ask people to open their minds are we keeping our own minds open? I.E. Are we just as open to the fact that we could be wrong? (Bob says “no” but still talks about holding firm respectfully)


This program is re-edited from an older broadcast show back in 2017. Such editing is done mostly because of the bumper music. (My broadcast station and podcasting network have varying license situations.) During the last half of the show a listener called in. It will seem after a while that he just dropped off while Greg and I continued talking. Actually, the listener thanked us over the air for a respectful conversation and then hung up. This, however, took place over outgoing bumper music heading into a commercial break. All such breaks and spoken words over music were removed for podcast purposes.

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Updated: May 27, 2021 — 5:03 pm