What Is The Unforgivable Sin Jesus Spoke of and How Do I Know If I’ve Committed It? The Bob Siegel Show Ep. 2

The Bob Siegel Show Episode 2

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In the Gospels, Jesus said that all sins were forgiven except for “the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.”  These very sobering words are often met with a great deal of confusion and fear, especially from those who truly seek to follow Christ but are aware that they have made many mistakes, not only in previous, erroneous beliefs, but careless words. What exactly is this unforgivable sin? Is Jesus suggesting a special sacredness of the Holy Spirit that the other two members of the Trinity (Father and Son) do not have?  No, that cannot be. All three persons of the Trinity are co-equally God. What then, did Jesus mean? Bob addresses this question by sharing a series of responses he once offered a fellow Christian, very worried that he personally had committed this sin.

Current Events

-A new resolution in San Antonio, Texas gets dangerously close to “hate speech” legislation. Bob points out that “hate” is often in the eye of the beholder and, therefore, government should be in the habit of judging ACTIONS, not WORDS.

-Joe Biden’s controversial statement about African-Americans

-How many of the so-called “re-openings” of churches qualify as a true restoration of First Amendment freedom?

-Politicians and the “new normal”

-A simple question for those who want to have mail-in ballot elections for the sake of “social distancing”

-The need to resist simple either/or thinking while discussing COVID19

-How the media shifts its narrative when new information comes out about the unmasking of General Flynn and others


Sketch: “I Killed Him in Love, Your Honor!”

“Impersonations” (so to speak)

“Always Listen to the Doctors!”

“If Only One Life is Saved, It’s all Worth It!

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