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The One Where President Trump Spoke TRUTH to POWER at the UN General Assembly – MENB Ep. 28

MidEast News Brief Episode 28 President Trump gives what is perhaps the most important speech in the history of the United Nations, speaking truth to power to brutal autocrats and America and the world’s worst enemies. Be prepared for a lot Trump today plus an update on the Israeli election on this September 26, 2019 […]

Netanyahu Promises BIG Ahead of Upcoming Election and Let’s Remember 9/11 – MENB Ep. 26

MidEast News Brief Episode 26 Netanyahu promises to annex the west bank and exposes yet another secret Iranian enrichment facility, and America remembers 9/11. Subscribe to the MidEast News Brief Podcast: Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Gooogle Podcasts Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on TuneIn Radio Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Android “Alexa, play MidEast News Brief […]

Is God Working Among Muslim Refugees in Greece? News + Interview with Full-time Missionary Bobby Jester – Part 1

MidEast News Brief Ep. 22 Is it possible for God to do amazing things among Muslim refugees in Greece? Is it possible that God loves Muslims and wants to see them come to Christ? Let’s talk some Middle East News plus part 1 of an interview with full-time missionary to Muslims Bobby Jester on this […]