Christian Apologist Debates Atheist in Civil Dialogue – The Bob Siegel Show Ep. 4

The Bob Siegel Show Episode 4

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Today on episode 4, we are introducing you to the eclectic nature of Bob’s show by airing a repeat from his broadcast show, which is radio dialogue, between himself and Kenneth Leonard, who, at the time, was PR Director for the San Diego State Secular Student Alliance. Although categorized as a debate, this program is more of an informal, friendly, respectful discussion between two men with different viewpoints.

Topics of the discussion include:

-Does the human conscience point to some kind of God?

-Was God commanding evil actions to the ancient Israelites when he ordered them to conquer other nations?

-Do the New Testament and Old Testament condone slavery?

For the challenges and Bob’s answers to these important questions, make sure to stay tuned for this thought-provoking discussion.

Updated: June 4, 2020 — 11:06 am