Part 2 – Interview with Jackie Battle, Former NFL Running Back and Small Biz Owner!

Big Tex Small Biz Podcast Episode 10 – Part 2

Today on Big Tex Small Biz, part 2 of our fascinating interview with former NFL Running Back Jackie Battle. We continue the discussion by talking about Jackie’s transition to life outside the NFL and how he and his family coped and thrived, what they did between NFL life and small business owner life, how he became a franchise owner of Philanthropy, how they have seen God work and move in their business, and how they’ve thrived during Covid. Plus, the bizarre story of how Jackie and Ryan “randomly” met the night before they opened their philanthropy business (hint: it was a God thing). Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast by searching Big Tex Small Biz in your favorite podcasting app or at

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Updated: June 3, 2020 — 9:32 am