Cross Talk Ep 13 – Sen. Paul BRINGS IT to Fauci, DO NOT Give $$ to GOP, and Jim’s Studio Explodes!

On today’s edition of Cross Talk CGM Radio hosts Bob Siegel of The Bob Siegel Show, Jim Berrier of Since You Asked, and Ryan Holland of World News Brief discuss a wide range of topics including the epic grilling of Fauci by Dr./Sen. Rand Paul, the 2022 elections and if those will be stolen too, the Scottish Lords Braveheart-style betrayal by the GOP, how Christians and the Christian Church need to respond to the communist takeover, why you should not give money to the GOP, the reality that doctors and medical companies are not gods, and for the lucky 13th episode of Cross Talk Jim’s studio gets wrecked for about a minute and you get to listen to it all happen! Join us for this “explosive” edition of Cross Talk!

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Updated: August 9, 2021 — 7:31 pm