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Cross Talk Ep 9 – 2020: The People Masked, Washington Unmasked

On today’s year end episode of Cross Talk your CGM Radio hosts Bob, Jim, JP, and Ryan unpack the most important events of 2020 with a focus on the election and what Trump must do to preserve his presidency and stop the “steal of the century.” The Kingdom of God is also discussed and the […]

Cross Talk Ep. 8 – America’s Red Sea Moment

Today CGM hosts Bob Siegel, Jim Berrier, and Ryan Holland come together to discuss America post-election and where we are at right now with the Texas case before the Supreme Court, and the need for God to supernaturally intervene to turn things around. They also delve into the topics of revival in America and in […]

CGM Cross Talk Post Election Update Edition with Special Guest Mike Fredenburg!

It’s the day after the election and from the looks of it this election is just getting started! Join CGM Radio hosts Bob, Jim, JP, Ryan, and special guest National Review Contributor Mike Fredenburg as we discuss the state of the election right now and the possibilities for a path to victory for President Trump. […]

Cross Talk Ep 6 – 1 Week Before the Election Edition!

It’s one week before America decides if we will remain a free, prosperous, and secure nation, or plunge into “a thousand years of darkness,” but don’t worry, CGM hosts Bob Siegel, Jim Berrier, JP, and Ryan Holland are here to help lighten things up a bit with facts, laughter, fun, and cheer with their take […]

Cross Talk Ep 5 – Presidential Debate Breakdown!

Welcome to CGM Radio Cross Talk Presidential Debate edition! On today’s episode Bob, Jim, JP, and Ryan give their take on the presidential debate last night and their predictions for the election sweeping upon us! By the way, Ryan was wrong when he called this episode 4 in the intro, it’s very clearly episode 5! […]

Rush Limbaugh, Upcoming Debate, ACB Votes, and 50 Cent – JP’s Political Matrix Ep 13

On today’s show, JP shares his heart about the battle against cancer Rush Limbaugh is facing, the likeliness of the upcoming debate between Trump and Biden being fair to Trump at all as well as the 4-year scandal now plaguing the “moderator,” the upcoming votes on Amy Coney Barrett’s fate in the Supreme Court, and […]

CGM Radio Cross Talk Ep 4: ACB Hearings, Biden Emails, and more

Today on Cross Talk Bob, Jim, JP, and Ryan discuss the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, Pelosi’s bizarre response to Wolf Blitzer on the stimulus deadlock, the bombshell Hunter Biden emails, and more. Make sure to subscribe to The Bob Siegel Show, JP’s Political Matrix, or World News Brief to make sure you never […]

Full VP Debate Breakdown – CGM Cross Talk Ep 3!

Today on Cross Talk Bob from The Bob Siegel Show, JP from JP’s Political Matrix, Ryan from World News Brief, and introducing Jim Berrier from the newly launched Since You Asked Podcast, take a deep dive into the VP debate, Trump refusing to do a virtual debate, Pelosi’s 25th Amendment threat, and much more! Make […]

Trump Beats Coronavirus, the Polls are Wrong, and Pence will carry the Water in Debate

On today’s show, JP discusses how Trump beat Coronavirus, how the polls are wrong, and how Vice President Mike Pence will carry the water in the debate. Click below to Subscribe to JP’s Political Matrix: Apple  |  Google  |  Spotify | TuneIn  | Blubrry  | Android  | RSS Or subscribe by email to get JP’s show […]