Cross Talk Ep 5 – Presidential Debate Breakdown!

Welcome to CGM Radio Cross Talk Presidential Debate edition! On today’s episode Bob, Jim, JP, and Winston give their take on the presidential debate last night and their predictions for the election sweeping upon us!

By the way, Ryan was wrong when he called this episode 4 in the intro, it’s very clearly episode 5!

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“While talking about how back during the early enactment  of Obama Care and its strangling regulations which caused existing healthcare to skyrocket their premiums, I intended to state by example my own health insurance going up by $100.00 a month once to several times a year but accidentally described an increase like that ‘once a month.’ While I still correctly relayed a serious problem of unsustainable increase, obviously it was not as bad as an additional increase of $100.00 every single month. I apologize for the error.”

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Updated: December 7, 2021 — 12:44 pm