Kingdom of Christ: Future, Yet, Present – The Bob Siegel Show Ep 8

The Bob Siegel Show Episode 8

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Bob expounds upon a parable of Jesus from Matthew 13 where He talks about the kingdom of God starting small and slowly permeating the entire world.

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Included in this discussion:

-The Second Coming of Jesus in which His kingdom will be established over the entire world

-The fact that even now, prior to the future rule, Christ’s kingdom is already here

-The incarnation of Christ, how He was God by identity but with the limitations of a man including temptation

-How many major movements in history started small, movements such as the abolishment of slavery

-How Christianity was ahead of its time in condemning slavery and fighting for the equality of men and women

-How Christians today are speaking out against abortion and infanticide, practices not unlike the barbarism of ancient Greece and Rome

Updated: June 18, 2020 — 1:43 pm